FresK-O Cheeses

Our History

Latin Foods Inc. Was incorporated in the Province of Alberta on July 31, 2009, created by the Chavez family, Andreina, Oscar & Rafael, they grew up on a 120 cow Dairy farm in Venezuela and one of them, Rafael worked making cheese for 20 years there. He was processing up to 1000 liters of milk into cheese daily. He made 10 different varieties of fresh Latin cheese. The farm had growing rice and corn for its subsistence also. They immigrated to Canada, Alberta and set up their own business making and selling fresh Hispano-American cheeses product.

Latin Foods Inc. have now a Federal Certificated factory with the Establishment number 4225 and their own brand FresK-O that is measureable by Canada business standards and we produce product with quality, fresh varieties of cheeses directly to customer, restaurants, retail and distributors, for this reason we a successful, that was be the foundation for future market development and expansion of our product to all Canada and export, including setting up a new products to the consumers.

“Thanks to all that helped us to see this goal fulfill …”

The best grilling cheese of Canada

Canadian Cheese Grand Prix 2013 , Dairy Farmers of Canada sponsors a nationwide competition to honour all categories of Canadian cheeses made from 100% Canadian cow’s milk and certified as such. This event was launched in 1998 to encourage competitiveness and product excellence, as well as to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Canadian cheeses among industry professionals and consumers.

Members of Dairy Farmers of Canada

DFC's goal is to create favourable operating conditions for the Canadian dairy industry. It works to influence public policies that will maintain the viability of Canadian dairy producers and promotes the health benefits of dairy products. The organization is run for producers, by producers. Dairy producers fund its operation, including promotional activities.

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